Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Madder today - I do love madder, it has such an earthy smell and a huge history.
Managed to dye a set of colours I don't normally do, as orange isn't a popular colour, but I like them so I am sure there is some one out there who will like them too.
I had forgotton how hard it was to wash and rinse without a spin drier, the kitchen is wet, I'm wet, the patio is wet and the yarn is soaking! Its very windy today - its always windy here living so close to the sea, but I don't think the wind is having much affect. I imagine the skeins will still be wet at the end of the week.

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Aelis said...

I like the orange! (As does my best bud, who's always after new crocheted items in bright colours :D )

Your ebay shop is on my birthday list, in the hope that my friends and family will buy me a new stash!

-- Lizzie (with the yarn-loving cat!)