Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New spin drier & shop

I finally got the new spin drier on friday and blew it up yesterday, so I am back to dripping wool all over the garden. Its a creda and very old fashioned no where near as useful as the old one I blew up, but a lot better made.
I guess it didn't like a kilo of wet wool, but at least the flood on the kitchen floor gave it a much needed wash.
We still have no windows at the farm, but we do have flowers. Fred and I did lots of planting on saturday, or rather I planted and he stood with a watering can waiting to be told where to pour and then cleverly broke the watering can.
I am fed up of june, has been a bad breakage month.
But I did start a new website shop yesterday, its only got about 2 things in it, I should be working on it now, but need my lunch.

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