Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not moaning about the spin drier & Red Poll's

I am not going to whinge about it again........
But "it" and the lack of windows at the farm are beginning to become an obsession.

The white wool should be hanging in the studio, waiting to be dyed, but as it needs to dry as it can't be spun, its taking up all the washing lines.

Have been taking wool photos, as I eventually I found my camera on Fred's floor under his desk, but he wasn't the thief as when I plugged it into the computer there we about 90 photos of Feppy which she was putting on "My space" - she is beginning to go mad and behaving like a 4 year old, in fact when she was 4 she was a lot more sensible. She needs a job!!!

And one of the Red Polls in the field has a calf, I missed the birth, but the baby could only have been a few hours old when I saw him, he was still tottering on his legs. Its a bit difficult to tell whether the other cows are pregnant, as they are big girls to start off with. I mean big waistlines, I think Red Poll's are quite small in the cow world, but very pretty.

Cochineal today, its in one of the new dye vats so I have had to use lots more dye. Yesterday for some reason the weld produced a lot better range of colours, I wonder if its the width of the vat???

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