Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dye Vat

Got my new dye vat yesterday and am very excited, so excited I have just bought a second one which is even bigger. It makes my old vats look like egg cups. i want to buy more, but homer says there is no where to put it and wait till we move down to the farm. Think I might ignore him, after all its not like I don't need them!

Sounds like there's lots of activity going on at the farm today, seems like the builders have arrived at last Thank God!! I was beginning to think we would be moving into a black hole, the office and reception room aren't too bad, but the dye room is horrible to be in and as thats where i will spend most of my time....
I am really hopeing the builders are putting in the windows, will go down later when all the noise has stopped and try to imagine what it will be like when we finally move in.
I guess the new dye vats I haven't bought yet could be stored at the farm, its where they will be living, at least they won't be taking up valuable garage space.

Have finished the silk vest top and will photograph it later if I can persuade Dais to model it for me, the cotton one is now about 8 inches long and the colour seems to have sorted its self out.

Indigo today, better go and get it started, i always manage to do it when Homers home and all he does is moan about the smell, just think how bad its going to be when its in a 35 litre vat

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