Friday, January 08, 2010


We never get snow we are too close to the sea, normally everyone else in the country is making snowmen while we are watching the rain.
However we have snow now!!!!

This is the pictorial story of my commute to work (plus a small detour to the back of the farm), I live next door to the farm, so it only takes a couple of minutes.

My house

The asparagus field looking east towards the sea, amazing snow clouds over the sea and they are coming our way.

The entrance to the farm and NDS's sign (which is the middle one above the "to let" sign).

And now blogger has stopped playing with me, so all the rest of the captions are as follows.

The van outside the NDS's front door.

The back of the farm looking east towards the sea.

The sea view across the marshes, too much snow on the branches to see the sea, but it is on the horizon line.

The drying rack outside NDS's office door.

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feppy said...

i wish i could see it, have a horrible feeling by the time we get back there won't be anymore