Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boring boots blog

Whilst in Chester Homer decided he needed a new pair of walking boots, I was preparing myself to be bored until I saw these in the shop window, I love fake fur - :-)
They were an impulse buy, it normally takes me weeks to decide what I want, thats why I only ever shop on-line.
When I got them home I thought that maybe I'd been a bit to impulsy and that I would never wear them as they were just not me - I'm not sure why as they have fake fur, think maybe its because they look a bit trainery.

However fast forward 12 days and now I think they are the best thing on the planet, extra warm, super comfy, waterproof and non slip.
In the past week I have only taken them off to go to sleep, guess one day when the snow has gone I might remove them.......

They are Hi Tec and should be called the worlds most perfect snow boots, but I don't think they are.
This post is for Debbie and Joy who were talking about their soggy Uggs on Twitter.


Nic said...

WOW!! They are ace. I want a pair. My amazing boots leak so I need new snow boots. Maybe if we all buy snow boots then the snow will go away?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous boots! Am seriously envious.

My boring, ordinary Hi-Tek walking boots are over 20 years old and still going strong.

Red Fox said...


I work at Hi-Tec Sports and came across your blog!

It's great to read your positive comments and I was wondering if you would mind me sharing this with our social network sites and our main website. These are linked below if you want to have a look first.




Kind Regards,


BabyLongLegs said...

FaB boots.......
Bet they look very fetching with your floaty skirts ;)

How are the Fuzzy Feet I made for you??

S xXx

Skeinqueen said...

They look truly good snow boots. I should get me a pair of those!