Friday, January 08, 2010

Water nightmare

However even though the landscape is magically transformed by the snow, the snow has also magically transformed my dyeroom into a nightmare.
All the pipes are frozen as the dyeroom is part of the old pig shed complex, luckily the showroom and office are in the old and insulated stable block.
So I have running water in the kitchen area, but none in the dyeroom.
To dye and wash wool I have come up with a solution.

I am running water from the kitchen area, through the office via a hose which isn't quite long enough.

The hose is filling these buckets.

Then I am using the water from the buckets to fill the dyebaths, however as I don't have hot water in the dyeroom due to the pipes I am having to heat the water in a clean dyebath and fill the big plastic tubs to wash the yarn in.
This is taking ages as I need to rinse the yarn several times to get all the excess dye out, which means takes several dyebaths of warm water.
I dyed 5 kgs yesterday and its probably going to take me all day to wash 5 kgs and I have an awful lot of dyeing to do!!!

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