Monday, January 04, 2010


Had a chilled out wonderful few days in Chester with our bestest freinds (note the use of bestest, got tutted at the last time I used it in the wrong way - so Mr Tutter hope you are satisfied this time!).
However all 4 of us were ill or recovering.
You know how good your friends are when you can lay on the floor and ignore them for hours, while they lay on the sofa's and ignore you and everyone is happy and relaxed even if they do feel crap.
The journey home was slow, the first part over the Pennines was stunning but I struggled as my hangover eyes hurt, luckily we had to stop every other service station as Homers back was so bad he couldn't drive or sit in the car for too long., so I was able to indulge in serious caffine.
One double expresso later I was up and ready to drive to the moon, by the time we got back to Suffolk it was -5 and the roads were solid ice, fun on the very bendy tiny back roads!
And when we got home Geinome was waiting at the door with cups of tea and new year hugs - love that boy and am so proud of him.

The caffine didn't wear off till about 3 am, so am still very tired, but up and ready to go.
BUT no dyeing today and if the weather stays the same no dyeing for the rest of the week as all the pipes at the farm are frozen, so looks like I will be struggling to dye for the next update but one.

And of course now I am back I have to say...


You and I have serious plans to accomplish and places to go this year.
Hope you are ready to start just as soon as we have running water.

Love as ever your mistress and follower

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