Friday, September 05, 2008

Show Panic

Have just calculated its only 33 days until Ally Pally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And during that 33 days we have i Knit tomorrow and's open weekend in Chester. However am I going to be able to dye enough and prepare enough to fill the giant stand we booked this year???

And Heidi is leaving to start her sparkly new job on the 23rd of sept, Val will be her replacement, but Val does all the winding too, who knows how she is going to fit it all in.

Plus there is september's club yarn to finish dyeing, october's to get out before Ally pally and several huge wholesale orders.

And on the personal front we have sold the house and the sale will be complete at the end of October, we still don't have anywhere to move to.
The planning permission saga is on-going with lots of meetings.
Fred is starting uni, so I become childless for the first time in 22 years, have already had several nights of feeling the pain of being an empty nester. Although there isn't going to be a nest soon.

Think I am going to self destruct or find a nice big warm stone to hid under.....

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Sophie said...

Sending cyber-hugs, especially re the empty nest!