Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not hysterical

This post was going to be me screaming hysterically and tearing all my hair out.

I have or rather had 100 kilos (give or take) to dye for Ally Pally, as you can see from the photo below I still have an awful lot of wool to dye, each one of the skeins is 500 gms. I think I have probably dyed 30 or 40 kilos this week already.
And today I heard a click and went into a huge panic as I thought another one of my dye vat's had blown up, as it is I am down to only 3 out of 5, was being lazy and keep forgetting to tell Phil they need mending. If no 3 went today I would have been hysterical. As it was the click was when the vat came up to temperature - why do I not know this, why am I so stupid at times??????
Guess I have a head full of steam and blue feet...............


Sophie said...

That must have been a horrible moment! Glad all was well.
Full steam ahead for Ally Pally then?

yvette said...

od luck with the dyeing and with Ally Pally :0)