Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Far too much work to do, have to write invoices, dye roving, organise the yarn for this weekend's open day at's HQ, labeling, dry 8 kilos in the wet rain, be inspired for next month's club photo, dye for the club and sell my house contents on ebay - :-)

And I am bored!!! going to drink tea and look at wet wool.

Before I go to drink tea, here are the Bluefaced open weekend details....

In Mr Bluefaced's own words

"Hi All

Jeni is joining in the bluefaced open weekend on the 27th and 28th of this month in Chester.

Amanda from the Natural Dye Studio will also be there with their hand painted yarns and fibres

DT Crafts will be bringing along their dyes

Laughing Hens will have all their goodies as well.

So everyone is welcome to come and sit and knit or spin chat and relax , and of course spend a little cash if something takes your fancy.

There will be scones and tea on each day.

Hope that loads of you can make it , cant wait !!

Andy PS

The full address is The Croft Stables Station Lane Great Barrow Cheshire CH3 7JN Its easy to find , its next to the cricket ground."

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