Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad, Naughty Merino Roving

Normally Merino sheep don’t grow in this country - they don’t like the weather, however somewhere in the UK there is a small flock or maybe a slightly small medium flock. They only produce a small quantity of fleece and I know a man, who knows a man who has all of last years (I think) crop.

And now I have some roving!!!!!

It will be going to The Bluefaced. com weekend and will be unveiled in all its full glory at Ally Pally and if there is any left; then home to the website mid October.

But it is very naughty!!! So fluffy I can’t get it in its bag, I end up in a huge fight, with the Merino winning, takes about 10 mins to get it in its bag and then when I have I discover it is full of bits, which it has picked up from the clean table.

I think it secretly calls to the bits which fall out of the sky when I am not concentrating. I don’t notice them until the bag is sealed, so then I have to go through the whole bag shoving trauma again!

And here is the bad, naughty Merino pre-bag.

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