Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yarn Snob

Have just been offered some sparkly cheap stuff for toilet dolly knitting, I am such a yarn snob that I had to say no.
I love pretty sparkly, glittery sequined shiny stuff to look at from a distance, but to touch it makes my skin crawl.
I only ever use my own yarn, as much as I lust after others, Fyberspates had a stunning colour combination at Wonderwool, I think its plum and gold. I remember dyeing a similar combination in cotton several years ago. I did a bit of stroking, before forcing myself to be strong.
So here I am a self confessed yarn snob, who luckily has the perfect job - :-)
And just to boast about how lucky I am I have added the above photo, unfortunately you can't have it as its wholesale - but then again I can't have it either and there are some stunning colours one Dazzle sock in particular - :-)


Marianne said...

Hi Amanda,
If those are all mine - I just can't wait to get them!:-)
Best wishes - Marianne
(By the way - I'm a yarn snob too!)

Anonymous said...

wow! I just started to drool :)& also I have to confess I'm a yarn snob too...