Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My baby

My baby is 18 today, I feel sad and kind of old, how did he get to be that big or old, I guess he is classed as a man now and in september he will be gone like his sisters.
I will be left with a empty nest (which isn't too bad as I am never there), mr dye studio and "the" dye studio which sucks my life away like a huge baby bird.

Fred's prom photo - 2006 - and not of the Fred I know.
He is not like other 18 year old boys/men that people talk about, he is Fred, calm, sweet natured, kind, loving and a complete cyber nerd.
The only thing he really swears about is his pc, when he is having motherboard problems, his bedroom looks like the inside of a space shuttle and he helps me when I get stuck in games on the PS 3.

3/5ths of my family - Mr dyestudio, Fred and Daisy Maisy - Jan 2008
He is nothing like either of his sisters, who are both hysterical drama queens with traumatic lives, they are both superstars in their own rights Feppy a illustrator (she would kill me if I said fine artist) and Daisy Maisy a writer, their loves and lives would make a fantastic novel hopefully Maisy will write it one day, or maybe a collaborative graphic novel.

Feppy - christmas 2007
I would write about how much I love him ( and them), but know I will cry, so won't.

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tracey d said...

my baby will be 18 this year too! my eldest has 3 days left as a university student and i have had the absolute luxury of having him commute from home. he will be 21 in a few short weeks making me over emotional and i know that he'll be leaving home soon, my daughter is looking at universities and i fear that they may both leave home within months of each other! my husband needs to prepare for a clingy wife! i shall just have to knit more if there's less household chores to do!!