Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Demise of Ebay & Weekly Sale

And even more stupidly I forgot to mention we have decided to stop selling on ebay.
Today is our last day of auctions - its all a bit scary as we have sold on ebay for 6 years.

But I am so pissed off with them, they made listing more and more difficult, it was ok if you were only listing one ot two things, but when you had 20 to do.

And as for their new feedback rule - I understand their reasoning, but when I had a couple of customers from hell I couldn't warn other sellers....

And of course there are the astronomical fees!!!!!!!!

I could go on for hours, but it would get really boring.

So from now on all our on-line stock is on the website and we have devised a substitute, we will now run a weekly sale each monday, 2 colours of each type of yarn, which will be changed every monday morning


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greeneyedcrafts said...


I must admit that I found you via eBay, but I would've found you through other means within a couple of weeks anyway. I hope everything switches over smoothly for you.