Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It just struck me that I haven't told you what annatto is

Annatto is a waxy seed pod from a Caribbean shrub (I think its a shrub).
The yellow colour comes from the wax, you have seen the dyebath and dyeing, the washing is a problem as I/We have to wash all the wax out or you will get yellow hands.

If you do get yellow hands have no fear as Annatto is used by the food industry as a natural food colour for Red Leicester Cheese (you will never know how difficult it was to type red instead blue - ;-)) and Kippers. I have seen it on other food labels including squash.

I did read somewhere that it is used in Caribbean cookery and spent the whole of december trying to find a cook book with annatto in it for Homer for Christmas.
And then sorting through Mothers cook books I came upon one she bought while in Jamica or Barbados or somewhere else beautiful and sunny, so one day Homer may cook with my dyes.

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