Monday, January 21, 2008

20/1/08 - Daisy's beloved Gert

Gert - Daisy's beloved car, she is a white golf, my mother bought her new 17 years ago. Gert then got passed onto my aunt who in turn gave her to me 2 years ago for Daisy to drive.

Gert has had a hard life, runs on thin air rather than petrol, has just had a new clutch as hers broke a few weeks ago, leaving poor Homer stranded 6 miles from home with 2 wet muddy dogs - he was a happy bunny that day - :-)

Anyway Gert had the interior designers in while Daisy was at a drunken college party, I won't show you a close up as most of it is offensive to those of us of an elder disposition.
Needless to say somewhere there is a note saying "Dear Mr MOT Man, Please do not read this car!".

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dottyspots said...

I don't need to see the text for it to make me smile :0)