Wednesday, January 09, 2008

8/1/08 - The funeral

Being tactlesss I did consider taking photos at the funeral, even though my Dad has obviously know me all my life and is used to me I thought it might just be too much.
It went as well as a funeral can go and struck me as an inverted wedding.
We were centre stage, all the relations and friends wanted to talk to us, but obviously all the celebration is missing, shame mum wasn't there as she always loved to entertain and be centre stage.

I did pop into work first thing as waiting for the day to start was awful, Heidi did her best to persuade me I wasn't needed and could go home to get on with the day.
So I am afraid you only get a photo of one of the dye studio shelves.......
A lovely big cone of BFL loop which will eventually become a sheep for the the woolfest and the wool marketing board's carrier bag where Heidi keeps all our wool labels.

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