Tuesday, January 29, 2008

26/1/08 - Better late than never...

Went to Oxford to meet our woolly friends for a posh meal and heavy breakfast, its lovely to see them as we normally only meet up at shows. Not surrounded by wool for a change what was the main topic of conversation??
You've guessed it wool!
Drove all the way to Oxford in the zoom with the roof down, you couldn't miss us I was the big green yeti in the passenger seat trying to knit socks.

Total lack of photo opportunities when you are struggling to keep warm and stop the wool from blowing away. Still I managed these 2 stunners in the hotel before we went out to get very fat.

Being a girl I have a mirror problem, some are good and some make me look like my mother, as you can "see" from the 2 photos below - :-) (I would apologise for the photos, but amoungst other things I studied photography at art college 200 years ago - enough said I think!)

Nasty bedroom mirror

Nice bathroom mirror

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