Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Waxing lyrical

I have heard and read about Suffolk skies, the fact that they are so big and empty, but have never really noticed them much.
But this morning after shouting at the huge flock of geese that flew past my bedroom window (I am not a moring person and to be fair they were making a horrible noise) I watched the sunrise over the sea and it struck me as to how empty the landscape is.
My house backs onto the salt marshes and about half a mile across the marshes is the North Sea.
The marshes are flat and green or grey on a rainy day, its all so flat I can't actually see the sea, only the houses on the beach that mark the waters edge.
Thinking about walking on the marshes the sky is huge, almost comes right down to your feet, so maybe I do notice the sky after all.

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Hi! I am originally from Suffolk and I miss the 'big skies'! I have replaced them now for the mountains and undulations of Scotland, which is a very fair trade - but home will always be home!