Thursday, November 08, 2007

i Knits Stitch & Bitch

We are off (again), only seems like yesterday we came back from Ally Pally.
Saturday at i Knits Stitch & Bitch day, hopefully will see lots of lovely customers - :-)
Finished the dyeing on sunday, poor Val had about 30 kilos to wind this week, think she broke down yesterday with the cobweb (which she hates), had a anti cobweb block.
Hope she can manage to finish it..................

Knitting group on tuesday night was empty, just Heidi and I and off course lots of chocolate biscuits, which we are struggling NOT to eat, of course failing dismally.
Not sure what to do about knitting group, there is no point if no one comes.
Will leave it up on the site and remove the page next month, as the last date is december.
I suppose its because we are so far away from the real world, that no-one wants to brave the cold or forest.

Concentrating on cosies for i Knits, hope they don't dissapoint, maybe will try and get Pomme Too cosy pattern written. Have to finish the cosy first.
Heidi says I am obsessed with it, trying to get the pom poms in the right place, they have been on, off, on off all week......

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Gina said...

Hi Amanda

I'm really sorry you don't get more interest in the evening knitting group... I know I'm not that far away but it still is just a bit too far to set out driving after a day at school... however, Janet and I hope to be at the Open Day in December... :-)