Monday, November 19, 2007

Mean Moan

This afternoon while standing at my 3 sinks for hours washing 5 kilos of wool I started thinking about a couple of people who have known better than me in the last few weeks.....

One who lived in London all her life insisted we were driving from Suffolk to London the wrong way, and I when started to argue back she stated that I was being bloody minded and didn't know what I was talking about.
To the lady if she ever finds my blog and moaning I would like to say
"I was born in Ipswich, have lived in Suffolk all my life and no one I know (neither freind nor family) thinks the way to Ipswich is up the M11"

The other who visited the farm told me I didn't know how to use certain dyes properly and then looked down her nose when I said I refused to use extracts as they are a waste of time and an wasteful process. She then said I was a purist and should move with the times, this from a woman who was at least 25 years older than me!
I am not an expert but I dye almost every day of my life, I know within reason which dyes will do what, and how, and when. They all have their characters and even if I am still dyeing at 100 I will still not be an expert as I will be learning new things about them every day.

Just imagine how much I have to moan about when I have 15 kilos of wool to wash - which I expect will be tomorrow - poor Heidi!

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Anonymous said...

Youa re funny, i feel sorry for heidi!
it'll be weird at harrogate without you!
:-) jeni