Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tea Cosy Shop

Have just spent the last few days (weeks) building a dedicated tea cosy shop.
I am not sure if its a good idea, do people want tea cosy shops?
Made a lovely new banner to go in the shop, am very pleased with myself, had a long hard fight with photoshop (again!) still can't do layers, but am becoming really clever at avoiding them.

So here is the url

Its not very full, but at present its all I have to offer the world, maybe if we don't sell all the cosy kits at i Knits thingie at the weekend we will have more.

Off to look at clothes and cheer myself up.

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Crobbles said...

I bought one of your Loopy tea cosy patterns and have knitted several as gifts. The pattern is great. I love the idea of a new cosy every month. I look forward to the new designs.