Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Unbelieveably hot

As I am sure everyone else is......
Couldn't work out why I was so tired until I realised I have dyed 25 kilos in 2 days, and not just half colours, but the whole finished skeins.

Have been working on my next practise cushion top piece, it is the snakes from the sutton hoo buckle and so far I think I have the maths right.
I have gone a few stitches astray in the middle some where, but I am quite pleased with it so far.
Finished it should measure 14 inches square so will fit a cushion, but guess who forgot to allow for seam allowances!

I have finished dyeing until we come back from the big chill, so no more dyeing for 2 whole weeks, I feel rather lost, there is no new wool in the house, everything has been dyed. The last few skeins are drying waiting for the winders.
Both of which are really suffering in the heat,, their fingers are clammy so making a neat skein is impossible, that and the fact that all 4 of our electric umbrella skeins are playing up and they are taking it in turn to use the working ones.
I should be printing patterns and stuff, but am too tired so going to sit in the garden and knit or maybe go down to the beach later for a swim - its handy having the sea at the bottom of your garden.

And forgot we now have a window at the farm - yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Just the one for now, but who know we might have 2 soon.


Anonymous said...

Smashing snakes!!

Celtic Knitter said...

OMG! What amazing work!! A friend recommended that I see this site because it reminded him of my intarsia work . . . this is way more intricate and complicated than my work. I'm very impressed!!