Monday, July 10, 2006


Its very peaceful, Feppy has gone back to London, I have dyed almost everything we have and everyone seems to have stopped knitting for the summer.

I am now knitting my tree for the 3rd time, the first attempt was on size 3mm needles, the second size 2.5mm and now I am knitting with 2mm needles. I have never used such thin needles and would be going mad if it wasn't for the fact I was knitting intarsia.

The spin drier is mended, apparently I had over filled it. When Val went to pick it up the man the shop kept telling her that old people get confused and she ought to show me how to use it, she said she did consider getting me a zimmer frame on the way home.
So now I am old and unable to read instructions - lol

I put in an order for 50 kilos of wool, am hopeing to get it all dyed before we go to the Big Chill in 3 weeks, poor Dais and Val will be winding in their sleep.
Which reminds me I had better go and get the wool out of the cochineal.

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