Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Finished tree & maths

Toooooooo hot, but I guess everyone else in the country is suffering too.
The studio is unbearable, I have weld simmering and if I leave it too long it will go off.

This is my finished tree, completely the wrong size and shape, it needs lots of maths to be able to turn it into a cushion, am working on my sutton hoo snakes, have pulled it undone 3 times and still can't get the maths right, but at least I have researched cusion sizes - stupid me why didn't I do that first.
Each time I measure the tension it comes out differently, the first time 8 stitches per inch and the next time 11, its such a big difference.
I might just give up on the small needles and use dk instead, at least its easier to work out the tension.
I think I have collected enough colours, I did start with a few rows of moss stitch, but several stocking stitches up it began to look like a frill - don't want frilly cushions!
Am now going back to playing with alpaca/silk dk and working on tensions.


Anonymous said...

That tree is fantastic!!! Wow!
Carina in Oregon

simmyb said...


I just came across your blog because I was loooking for tips on how to dye with madder (I'm in the middle of the process now). I had a natural dyeing day on Thursday and it was quite a success. Why did you leave the weld for so long?

I wonder if you know Jenny Nutbeam at all. I did an indigo dyeing workshop with her ages ago.