Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Practise, practise and yet more practise....

I am sooooooo proud of my tree base and pinning all 3 pieces up together, has sent my mind racing with ideas, too many to fit in, where do I start and I should be designing sweaters and shawls, but all I want to do is this.....
I don't have the time to be an artist anymore.
I guess you need a photo explanation
The top piece is knitted on 3mm needles,
the second on 2.5mm needles
and the bottom on 2mm needles, this is or rather will be the finished piece. Its all knitted with our alpaca/merino sock and alpaca/silk sock yarns.
Please buy lots of these 2 yarns, so I can dye lots more and have a bigger range of colours - :-)

The dining room is full of bins of wool, 45 kilos arrived this morning, another 10 to come on thursday and I might have found a cotton yarn supplier - fingers crossed

Back to dreaming about being an artist again and being proud of knitting on 2mm needles.

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