Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enviromental sin

You might have noticed my whole life is lived as ethically and as enviromentally concious as possible.

And yet I have one huge enviromental sin, that goes totally against all my principles, I can't help it and feel very guilty and am hopeing for forgiveness (not that I am going to give it up). Its small and black and if you look back through the blog to last april you will find it. And to be fair it only does about 2,000 miles a year as I never leave the village.

On sunday I drove a Ferrari, very fast around a race track, the kids gave Phil, my Dad and myself a drivers dream day when my mother died and sunday was the day. Beforehand I worried it would be difficult to get out of the car and hand it back, but it wasn't anywhere as near as impressive as I had hoped,

But what I do want to do is get back out on the track again and drive my zoom until either I or the car expires.

The dream day experience wasn't limited to Ferrari's, the whole place was full of very sexy cars - Porches, Aston Martins, Lotus's, Caterhams, TVR's - I think we experienced overkill, as there were too many in the same place to take them all in.

But I did fall in love with the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder - of course the most expensive car there - luckily as my ethics would be seriously tested if I could afford one.

Confession over - photos to follow

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Tracey D said...

LOL i can just imagine you flying round a race track in a ferrari you've brought a smile to my face this morning! going really fast scares me but for some reason also makes me laugh - it must be some wierd fear reaction!