Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Club members woolly loyalty points

Dear Club Members

We would like to say a big "thank you" for your loyalty, so have come up with a woolly points scheme.
We will send you a card with August's yarn/fibre and a 1 point sticker, for each month you are a club member we will send you another 1 point sticker. That means if you are a member of 2 clubs you will recieve 2 stickers each month and so on
Your points can be redeemed where ever we are, at shows, on-line (mail us first) or here at the farm.

As you can see below you get a bit more yarn for your points than you would for your money.
The points are redeemable at these values

8 Points
Kid Mohair Yarn

10 points
BFL Dazzle Yarn
Alpaca/Merino Yarn
Nino Sock
Chi Sock
Mirage Sock
Venus Lace

11 points
Alpaca Silk Yarn
Cloud Lace

13 points
Angel Lace

Happy wednesday

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