Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And announcing......

The birth of 2 new clubs

Fibre Fanatics

Luscious lace

Both clubs run the same way as our sock club, I dye a special batch each month of new colours, as a club member you also get to try all the new yarns first. As a bonus for joining our clubs we have also introduced a Woolly points scheme. 1 point each month to spend when ever and where ever you wish, the points are worth £1.10 each.

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dottyspots said...

Now I want to cry - LOL!

I already have to resub for the sock club (been a bit of a tough couple of months, first the washing machine broke and it transpired it would be more expensive to fix it than buy a new one, the toilet broke, the tv aerial on the roof broke - it's been a run of one thing after another!)


I answered the tag btw: http://www.ninnynoodlenoo.com/blog