Monday, March 24, 2008

To all Indie dyers

To all Indie dyers

If you are like me then I am sure you read the competition's blogs - ;-)

I urge you like myself and Jeni to come out of the closet and state the country of origin on your yarn labels.
I know its only a little thing, but if we all do it we can make a difference, not only giving assurance to our customers that they are buying ethical yarn, but also taking a stand against all the mispractises.
If you want to talk about it e-mail me or alternatively come and have a chat at Wonderwool to Jeni or myself.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with this, like you I won't buy from China, or from other countries nearby which have questionable human rights issues.

Have sent you an email.


kerrie said...

That's a really good idea.. See you at Wonderwool, I'm looking forward to it. x

Gemma said...

I've been pondering this lately too after reading a thought provoking article in Knitting magazine.

I shall endevour to change my labels and write something on my website.