Sunday, March 09, 2008

Am I mad???????????? (I am going to knit this!)

Back in the days when I was a full time artist I used to embroider (please note all the silk background fabrics are naturally dyed).
I have had my embroideries shown all over the world.
Being a hugely inspired by history and mythology I have to admit an unhealty obsession with Tolkien, the fact he dedicated his life to creating a mythology.
Have read all his books numerous times and all the analytical books (12) written by his son.
I like artistic obsession - :-)
And have verged on it myself.

The Bayeux tapestry has also been a inspiration to me and putting the 2 together set in motion a series of work, this was partly due to Peter Jackson's Lord of the rings trilogy (another unhealty obsession). If you look at the website link above you will be able to see the results.

In 2004 when the Dye Studio was beginning to dye wool and erupt into the knitting world, Phil had cancer (luckily it was caught very early, was all over and done with in about 6 weeks - thanks to his company's private medical insurance)
I took the above Minas Tirith to all the scans, chemo sessions etc
As you can see I never finished it, the wool by that time was invading my house and it held too many memories, so its sat in a cupboard for 4 years.

I have started to design intarsia/fair isle charts which I am applying to socks and due to my inability to pick up a sewing needle I have decided to knit it instead. It does make me slightly hysterical looking at the drawings and I feel maybe I am taking on more than I can do, but it should be finally be finished.

So far I am translating the drawing onto graph paper, the next step is putting it on to the computer, which I am dreading, not because I won't enjoy it, but because I know I am going to be so frustrated.

I will keep the blog updated as to its progress, so wish me luck - :-)

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