Saturday, March 29, 2008

Think I have a cold - head full of rubbish

Time for pointless comments and questions, rather a ramble to the PC as there is no one here to listen to me and I am waiting for the kettle to boil.

Horrible and rainy yesterday, but went to have a meal with freinds who live down the lane last night.
Sky was clear when we staggered home about midnight.
We have so little light pollution, its so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face, which makes walking difficult when you have drunk too much wine and you know there are huge puddles to navigate before you get home.
But the sky went on forever I am sure on nights like that you can see stars that don't exist, love it when the sky is so big...........

And do you ask lots of questions, I feel I have a very small brain that doesn't know enough and will never have enough life left to ask all my questions.
Not that I believe I am stupid, just lust for more knowledge.
Ravelry is great because I can ask stupid questions all over the place and normally get a variety of answers.
But DH does get really annoyed with me sometimes, thinks I am questioning his knowledge rather than what I am doing which is wanting to know more.
Maybe my brain is stunted at small child stage, afterall I do have brain damage, not just saying that as a joke I really do have it.
When my epilepsy was diagnosed I had to have brain scans, the Drs couldn't tell me if and how it would effect me .
Or would I be an annoying nosy anyway??

pointless rubbish over now as the kettle has just boiled.


Crobbles said...

Asking questions is very important. Many of our society have their questions squashed out of them at school (bit of a soapbox of mine).
Keep asking, you may not always get answers but you will provoke thoughts.

Bearium said...

lol, if you don't ask questions, how do you get answers?

maylin said...

It must be a man thing my partner gets annoyed at me similarly for asking questions when he has already told me something o I already know the answer but I think it is a female way of communicating and allowing others to contribute. I think I will put the kettle on on that note