Monday, August 06, 2007

My mother update - long & miserable, but hopeful at the end.

My big baby Feppy came home this weekend to see Granny, when we came out of the nursing home yesterday afternoon Feppy said "this could be the last time I see Granny alive".
So I dropped her off at the station and went to find Fred who still didn't know about Granny and I still didn't know where he was, I only had Daisy's very vague directions to go on.
Amazingly enough I found the right house first time, but Fred decided he wasn't comeing home as he still had computer enemies to kill and his mates parents don't come home until tomorrow night.

So I drove home from Ipswich to an empty house on my own (Phil and Dais had gone to a music thing in the park at Halesworth - Phils home town).
By the time I got to Woodbridge I had a big lump in my throat, managed to get home before I broke down, watched the ebay auctions through tears. Let me explain its not just my mother, my beloved cat has disappeared, he normally goes on trips in the summer but always comes home after a few weeks, its now been a few months and I don't think he's coming home.
I don't know who I was crying for him or her or I rather think both.

Anyway as I sat on my comfy sofa with my lap top and drank a few medicinal glasses of red wine, I realised I have it easy.
I have been talking about supporting an Afghan charity ever since I had my carpet for my birthday and so searched google. I found a US one its called women for women,
basically you sponsor one women with £13 per month, she gets money to feed her kids and is given education and help to look after and support herself and make her life better. The women come from war torn countries where their lives are impossible to equate with ours.
So I filled in my sponsor form this morning and paid my money and now have to wait possibly 12 weeks until they find my "sister", I'd like her to be from Afghanistan, my second 2 choices were Iraq and Rhwanda, both places I have watched on the TV and been horrified what was happening.

I can't help my mother anymore, my cat I will cry about for a long time, but I can help someone who is really suffering, so am feeling much better about the whole world.
Following in my Granny's footsteps - she was Bessie of the Bessie's Blanket club fame.
I might not be knitting, but I am sure she would approve whole heartedly.

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Laughingrat said...

Oh Amanda. I'm sorry. It's too much for you to have to bear.

I was glad to hear that you are safe and well and not flooded, though. E-mail addy is medea39 at, if you want it.