Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My lovely Holiday - The end

As I will never find the time to write the rest of my holiday, here it is in photos, bet you have guessed the theme by now - it involves a tiny black car, my one enviromental sin in life - :-)

Day 3 - Chur, Switzerland to some where on the border with Italy

Chur - McDonalds Pyramid (Ibis Hotel) - Underground carpark

Somewhere in the Swiss Alps
Mountain Pass
Top of the pass, scared DH, one of my aimbitions was to drive the zoom over the Alps, got rather good and fast at it by the end of the day.
Hotel - who knows where, on the Italian side of the San Bernadino pass.
Day 4 - Lago Maggiore
Posh hotel in Alassio, Italian Riviera
Margaritas on the terrace over looking the Med

Day 5 - St Aygulf, French Riviera, spent many happy days here as a teenager.
On the way here DH drove part of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit (one of his aimbitions), when its not full of formula ones, its actually a busy town centre.
Hotel - St Tropez - again a place I knew from my teenage, spent our 21st wedding anniversary eating fish soup watching the yachts in the harbour

Day 6 - The hypermarket at Le Foux (near St Tropez), Stocking up on a few bottles of wine.

Day7 - somewhere in France, forgot to take a hotel photo, who knows where we were?
A supermarket in northern France, stopped for some drink as all our water had boiled on the way through Paris
And home.
Hopefully will do it again next year, our next stop will be Rome and I will try to take more photos rather than forgetting too as I was too busy enjoying zooming.

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