Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ally Pally

The chaos of Ally Pally has now died down, its almost under control.

Every time I do a big show I plan to write about it on the blog. But it never happens as soon as I get back to the farm I am surrounded by boxes that I have to sort through, yarn to put on-line, orders to fill, people to contact.

So here is Ally Pally - the only 2 photos I took in 5 days, both are taken early morning before the show, peaceful and blue, looking beautiful.
The rest of the time we were inside with you and our wool and chaos.

And our evenings were spent with our bestest woolly freinds eating, drinking and laughing lots, as always they make the shows a very special time.

Thank you woolly freinds - see you soon
Love Amanda

1 comment:

Erssie said...

Glad you recovered from Ally Pally.

I am currently putting together some patterns

I couldn't find your email on The Natural dye website, I'd like to contact you about some possible custom dyeing or including the yarns in the booklet.

Can you send me the correct email address either to me as erssie on Ravelry or via my email?