Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Off to the Woolfest tomorrow morning, Heidi will be here manning the fort in her normal superstar way, so if you need us don't hesitate to mail her.

I will be unveiling our new Circles Bessie, it was finished over the weekend thanks to my team of dedicated Bessie fans, will tell you more when we get back, but here is a sneaky preview - :-)

Here it is not quite finished.


Anonymous said...

hope you have a great time, don't let sandra spend too much! i am so jealous but maybe next year it won't be on my husbands birthday!!!! Tracey x

Anonymous said...

I've just snuggled up to the Circles Bessie at Woolfest and it's absolutely stunning. I wish I could crochet!

Lovely to meet you and I'm looking forward to knitting some Dye Studio socks for the first time.

best wishes,