Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tantrum time (again) - Copycats

Recently I have come across several newish dyers who not only dye the same colours as me, but also use the same names and in some cases the same yarn.

It might be coincidence or it might not, I don't know, so can't really judge

But copycats make me furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the fact that people copy what they think is a sucessful product rather than use their own imaginations and come up with new ideas of their own,

I have spent years developing my business, colours, image, product, have put my heart and soul into it, the dyestudio is the whole of my life, not some little hobby I do when I come home from work and the thought that someone might be copying makes me really angry!!!!!!!!!!!

Several years ago I had this problem on ebay, everytime I changed to a new style of photographing my product, it appeared on his/her listings. The colours and yarns were copied, but as there was no way of proving who did what first and who copied I had to bite my tongue.
This is slightly different as people write blogs about what they do and when they do it!

Please don't think I am ranting about my competition, who I have a lot of respect for.
These people are dedicated and work hard at their businesses, and I wish them well.
My closest woolly freind is another indie, I know she has suffered from this problem in the past.

I just want people to think for themselves, rather than steal other peoples ideas.

Rant over - normal service will be resumed in the next posting.

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