Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday's riddle & update - 6th of March

Only a little update this week, too much wholesale and yet again Bluebell and Heather, you just love blue and purple - :-)
Also we have Lula scarf kits back in stock.
And the riddle is...
Who am I?
I am a famous film star.
My best friend has a big round belly.
I am often imitated, even at the Bafta’s
But the wonderful thing about me is I’m the only one.

1 comment:

Terri said...

Gwyneth Paltrow?

Just got the LULA pattern, gosh if I only had the money right now to buy the yarn! Saving up! Hope I can get it before it runs out this time!

BTW, the pattern read like a sexy novel, lots of ooos and ahhhs!