Friday, January 30, 2009

Unicorn riddle 4 - 30th of Jan 2009

I've had a brainwave, I know some of you are not on Ravelry and are missing the Unicorn riddles and quizzes, so I should post them here too.

This weeks riddle is

Each line contains a clue to the answer which as per usual is one word.
So here it is………

Through the heat of Obama’s roots he wanders.
Sunspots aglow.
He reaches for the highest canapes that others cannot find.
He’s greater than them all, but the big apple’s finest makes him very small.

If you think you have got it and want to check the answer, go to The Shop, add something to the basket, click checkout where you will get a discount voucher box, put in the answer and if it gives you the discount you have got the answer right.
You don't have to buy, its just the easiest way Jeni and I could find for you to check your answers without a million e-mails.
And I should have said, if the answer is right the shop will give you a 10% discount, which will run till next friday when the next riddle is set.

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