Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Its so cold and damp and murky here at the moment that I am seriously considering shutting down the showroom and taking the office home for the winter.
It was ok last winter as I had Heidi to keep me company and I could ignore all the problems, but Val's only here a couple of hours each day.
Its lovely in the summer, but its yuk at this time of year.
My office door is rotten, has bits crumbling off it the whole time, when the wind is in the right direction and it rains I end up with a big puddle on the office floor, need my wellies on just to get to my desk.

And I am soooooooooooo pissed off with my broadband connection, which clicks off every 10 mins, means the computer crashes and then I have to start all over again - thank god Blogger saves your posts as you write them, otherwise you would never be reading this.
I think its the damp, the printer is the same takes it about an hour to warm up, if I try and print anything too soon the carriage gets stuck..

Keep thinking about the nice warm empty room I have at home, I am sure the printer would be happier, the home connection is more reliable and there isn't a howling gale coming under the door......................................

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The MuseinMeltdown said...

I had a similar problem a few years ago and decided to work at home.

The inspiration just wasn't there and everyone got fed up of eating fleece and the warm bubbling vats on the stove were a constant source of disappointment when it was discovered it was dye and not stew...

So I reluctantly went back to the studio... this time armed with "stirring" music..

Made all the difference, changed my mood and amazingly things did look better even on the coldest of days...

goodluck and just visualise us out there...that might cheer you up in the absence of immediate friendship..