Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My lovely holiday - part 1

Last week Homer and I took a week off work (unheard of for both of us) and we went on holiday, we wanted to do something exciting, so decided to take my little car for a drive around Europe. We both live such regimented lives we decided NOT to plan anything, even though Homer wanted to book the first hotel, I wouldn't let him, so here is what we did and the photos, not the photos you would expect, but you have to remember it was a driving holiday.

Day 1 - Hollesley, UK to Sarrebourg, France.

After a 5.00am start we were both exhausted before we even started, through Eurotunnel at 8.30 out into the french sunshine.

Roof down for the first time - French autoroute layby about 50 kilometres out of Calais on the road to Reims, as you can see Homer decided to park in the lorry section - why I don't know!

Spent the afternoon sauntering eastwards towards Strasbourg, nothing too exciting just enjoying the landscape, stopped for a cafe break in Verdun.

Found the first hotel really easily, evening meal at a local resturant and as you can see another photo of the zoom, our one bag of luggage just fitting in the very small boot which is already half full with the spare tyre.

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