Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dougal & Loki

Dougal was my precious and I loved him.
He died very unexpectedly at the beginning of april, he was fine on the thursday, friday morning he wasn't quite right and was dead by lunch time, the vet thinks he had a heart attack. It was like losing a child, although I have never lost a child so I don't really know. I still can't think off him without crying, in fact I am crying now as I type.
He was a German Shepard rescue dog, we think he had been beaten quite badly and he was frightened of every thing, made lots of noise, but didn't have an aggressive bone in his body.

I gave him a home and loving life he gave me undying love and support, he was with me when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy and comforted me while I came to terms with it, he was there for my second bout of fits, he was there for me when Phil had cancer and I didn't know who to turn to as Phil didn't want any of our freinds knowing. He spent a lot of time being used as a hanky.

People were scared of him as he was a big dog and made lots of noise, I am sure a lot didn't believe me when I told them he was the gentlest dog I knew. When we brought Ted (bad poodle) home Dougie loved him like a mother, slept with the puppy and took him from the room if anyone new came to see him.

Being without him has left a huge hole in my life and by my side, he drove me mad at times, barked the whole time he was in the car, but when you have a dog at your side for 10 years, its difficult to come to terms with him not being there.

Anyway the reason I am writing this is beacuse I have a new puppy, he is a long haired german shepard, looks nothing like Dougie as I couldn't bear that. He will never replace Dougie, but will help fill the hole.

His name is Loki and he is 8 weeks old, I have never met such a well behaved puppy, half the time you wouldn't know he is there, asks to go out for a wee, only minor amounts of crying and chewing, doesn't bark and fell asleep in the car. I know its very early days, but he seems to be everything I want. He will come to the farm with me and I don't want him scaring my customers, so will be kept in the office, I think long haired GSD's are less threatening. He will be trained with love to an inch of his life. He has made me very happy.

I tried not to have a GSD, I know so many people who are scared of them and I certainly would be wary of one I didn't know as there are some out there who give the rest a bad name. But I couldn't live without one.

I am trying to upload a photo, but blooger won't let me, so I will publish this and try again.

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